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Our Story

My name is John Knoell, owner and principal of KCraft Insurance Agency. After many years in the industry as a general agent, I decided to start my own agency to provide people with a different kind of insurance experience. KCraft is built on integrity with a dedicated and focused approach in identifying people's needs and providing them with the very best protection.

KCraft considers the preventative-approach to risk. We take time to help people better understand their exposures and how to protect themselves with the right coverage. "Why risk a major financial loss later just to save a few dollars now?"

While cost, access to information, and 24/7 customer service is important, a tailored policy for your specific needs is our #1 priority.

To sum it up: working with a skilled independent insurance agency like KCraft Insurance Agency allows you to be confident you’re getting the best coverage at the best rate. It’s a relationship, so no matter what insurance provider we go with, you and your business can rest assured that at KCraft we'll be on your side…we’ll always be your agency and first point of contact.

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